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Glory Star

GLORY STAR Football/Soccer Ball, FIFA World Cup Football Club Match Ball, with Air Pump, Size 5

GLORY STAR Football/Soccer Ball, FIFA World Cup Football Club Match Ball, with Air Pump, Size 5

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Foot ball Description: 20 panel soccer ball, size 5, target quality, weight 420 grams, latex bladder.

  1. 20 Panel Design: This soccer ball has a 20-panel design, which means it is constructed from 20 individual panels stitched together. The panels can vary in color and design, depending on the specific brand and model of the ball.

  2. Size 5: This indicates that the soccer ball is a size 5 ball. In the standardized sizing system for soccer balls, size 5 is typically used for adults and is the official size for professional matches. It has a circumference of about 68-70 centimeters (27-28 inches).

  3. Target Quality: "Target quality" typically suggests that the soccer ball is designed to meet certain performance standards and is suitable for use in competitive play. It implies a higher level of quality and durability compared to recreational or training balls.

  4. Weight 420 grams: The weight of the soccer ball is 420 grams. This weight falls within the standard range for a size 5 soccer ball, which is typically between 410 to 450 grams. The weight is carefully regulated to ensure consistent performance in matches.

  5. Latex Bladder: The bladder is the inner part of the soccer ball that holds the air. A latex bladder is commonly used in high-quality soccer balls because it provides good bounce and responsiveness. Latex bladders are known for their ability to maintain the ball's shape and air pressure over time.

Overall, this soccer ball appears to be designed for professional or high-level play, with its size, weight, and latex bladder contributing to its performance characteristics. It's important to note that specific brand names and models may have variations in design and materials, but the features you described are common in high-quality soccer balls.

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